These are the monsters that have been seen and fought in the world of Oberin. Some have more information available, some have almost none. Most of it is based off of what I have seen while exploring.

Pretty Picture!
Name Spoils (average) Notes Strategies
Giant Rat Raw Meat, Fur Easier than sheep Hit and chase
Sheep Raw Meat Easy Hit and chase
Wolf Fur, Raw Meat Average Hit and run
Harpie Gold, Feathers, occasional Apples Fast, flies Hit and run
Sea Turtle   Water only  
Sludge Beast Gold, Raw Meat Hard hitting, slow Hut and run
Skeleton Gold, Loot Loots equipment from dead players Hit and run
Lizard Man   Strong Hit and Run
Gaper Gold, Reagents Casting. Use caution. Pets set to guard or attack
Bracken Gold, Logs Casting. Use caution Pets set to guard or attack
Water Elemental   Water only. (the picture is from the buggy sheep meadow)  
Air Elemental Gold Flies, not too tough Hit and run
Poison Elemental Gold, Bottles of Poison Poisonous hits, have cure potions Hit and run
Fire Elemental Gold, Volcanic Ash Loots gold from dead players Run and hit
Hell Hound      
Red Dragon Gold, loot Loots equipment from dead players Pets and the poison spell.
I know. Can anyone guess? *evilgrin*   I'll fill in what I know when I hear of someone actually running into one.