2/8: 0.1.2 seems to have changed the magery skill slightly. It appears to now limit the spells based on your skill. I have a skill of 3, and I can only cast the four spells on the top of the list.

So you want to be a mage. If you chose it as any of your six starting skills, you're already more advanced than me. I checked on the spells by just dropping reagents one at a time and checking for which spell names dissappeared. If the spell dissappeared, it required that reagent. Some of them may not be 100% accurate, as this was done around 5:30-6 am. Please email me with any corrections, and again, thanks to K'Pin for loaning me an electric eel and a poison gland while I was doing this.

Notes on Magery: The only attack spell not requiring poison glands is explosion, so if you plan to use your magery to kill things, start looking for poison glands now. I'd never even heard of them until a discussion with some other players a few days ago. It should only be one of each reagent, so email me if you find any taking two or more (of the same reagent).

Spell Reagent 1 Reagent 2 Reagent 3 MP cost
Lesser Heal Lotus Flower Ginsing n/a  
Lesser Cure  Wormwood Ginsing n/a  
Magic Disarm Garlic Mandrak Root Moonseed  
Magic Unlock Wormwood Garlic Mandrake Root  
Reveal Wormwood Lotus Flower Mandrake Root  
Create Food Garlic Wormwood Lotus Flower 6
Night Vision Wormwood Lotus Flower Mandrake Root  
Clumsy Poison Gland Mandrake Root Moonseed  
Simple Mind Poison Gland Lotus Flower Moonseed  
Weaken Poison Gland Garlic Moonseed  
Agility Electric Eel Ginsing Lotus Flower  
Elevate Mind Wormwood Lotus Flower Ginsing  
Magic Trap Electric Eel Volcanic Ash Moonseed  
Stength Lotus Flower Ginsing Mandrake Root  
Magic Lock Garlic Mandrake Root Moonseed  
Invisibility Wormwood Ginsing Moonseed  
Greater Heal Lotus Flower Ginsing Garlic  
Greater Cure Wormwood Ginsing Garlic  
Poison Poison Gland Garlic Moonseed  
Lightning Bolt Poison Gland Electric Eel Volcanic Ash  
Reflective Armor Wormwood Ginsing Mandrake Root  
Magic Reflection Lotus Flower Garlic Moonseed  
Drain Mana Poison Gland Garlic Lotus Flower  
Fire Field Poison Gland Volcanic Ash Moonseed  
Teleport Electric Eel Mandrake Root Ginsing  
Disorient Poison Gland Wormwood Electric Eel  
Paralyze Poison Gland Electric Eel Moonseed  
Explosion Electric Eel Volcanic Ash Wormwood  
Summon Creature Ginsing Garlic Mandrake Root  

That is a large table. 29 spells known so far. As for the rarer reagents, like eels and poison glands, good luck. I've heard of people fishing eels out of the water, and I would assume you can get poison glands from creatures such as Poison Elementals or Sludge Beasts. I don't have MP costs because I didn't actually cast any of them, so help on that area would be greatly appreciated.