Hi, I'm Traxus, a Cleric in Oberin. Oberin is a Mac only MMORPG currently in beta 0.1.6. This page was intended as a resource for things that the official page doesn't cover, like what elements are needed to create what objects. The official site now covers required reagents and levels for skills. This page has a very simple design for two reasons. One: I'm no good at html. Two: I'd much rather be playing Oberin than writing about Oberin. If you want to write about Oberin, check out the forum! All it takes is a quick registration process. All important registration info, like password and email address, will be kept private. It's not like I need to sell email addressed to spam lists. This is nice, cheap server space, and I hate spam. No annoying ads, either!

4/18      4 AM

Whoops, where did those two months go? Anyways, this is a quick update to mention that I'm not dead, I have been playing Oberin for like 8-12 hours a day (is that unhealthy?) since 0.1.6, and that I had to reformat my hard drive last weekend and forgot to backup some programs that I really really liked. So, until I go back home and dig up the cds, no photoshop for me and no site redesign for you. Also, the town map is a little out of date, but the only things changed were the addition of a guild hall, courthouse, and jail. The world map is horribly horribly out of date, as it is from 0.1.2 and doesn't even have the lizard man settlement on it. No new world map until I find my photoshop cd. Another reason for this update is that I think I'm getting a plug at IMG tomorrow (today?), and figured I should pretend to be alive. Let's see how much I can write, as I'm really excited about the new version. With the character creation program comes many newbies who may not be on the mailing list (in fact, I can't find mention of said list on the official site, so I won't link to it.). Thankfully for the newbies, 0.1.6 comes with several GMs (game masters) there to help out.

I feel I should dispel some rumors I've heard about GMs. As far as I know, they can't change skills in your character, I don't think they can spy on you any easier than another player could (maybe with the hiding or invisibility skill, but you can't move while using those), and I'm pretty sure that their actions are logged so as to prevent abuse. Sadly, the influx of new players has brought about an influx of lag, which is more or less unavoidable. Every game on the internet has problems with lag, and I've seen worse. At least we don't suffer from the desync that Diablo 2 does.

Teamwork is a lot more important in the new version as well. Clerics can't use weapons without suffering a constant mana drain, wizards lack the armor to do heavy front line fighting, and fighters have trouble keeping healed while fighting. It's not impossible to go out alone, but it is difficult and expensive. If you run into me in Oberin, feel free to ask questions, stop and chat, comment on the site, whatever. I'm almost always receptive, unless I'm heading out adventuring with people. In that case, you can either join and chat, or catch me later and go mining or lumberjacking while waiting :) Wow, that turned into a bit of a rambling update. In closing, I suggest you stop by the (gratuitous plug) forum! and learn some secrets. Something you might learn there is how I managed to make 12000 gold in a few days ;)


Set up message boards last night, they're already seeing a little action. There may be bugs and such with it, because it's a free downloadable php collection of scripts and stuff in version b0.915, but it seems to be working nicely. The boards will be replacing the old trade page, which will be taken down in a few days. Also, since I'm running out of content to update with, maybe I should start working on some actual design. Expect prettiness (?) in a few days.

2/15      2 AM

Whipped out a quick little town map. Hope it looks ok, with the color coding and stuff. If it's not intelligible, let me know and I'll redo it.


0.1.3 is out today. More little pictures added here and there. New page for screenshots. As well as an (already dated) map.I'll change it to reflect the 0.1.3 world changes, and Ippon's travels, in a day or so. I'm gonna need to add frames for all of these links soon. Hopefully my PHP book comes before class on thursday, so I can not pay attention and learn something useful. I'm sure I have a buncha tables to update with things too. If I can get some numbers on taming, I'll add a column for that in the monster table.


Well, I moved to a new server and domain. I also spent some time learning basic PHP, and there's now a trade page. My items are mostly there as a test, but if anyone's interested... Please don't abuse it, as it just writes to the html file so removing things will be a pain. I'll probably work on getting a remove button or something, but I don't have any idea on a timeline for that.


Color! Something other than white and black. You now get light blue and black. And I've got pictures scattered throughout the pages. Concentrated on the brand new Monsters page and the Blacksmithing page, which has a few new items. Also, 0.1.2 has changed a few things, as seen on the Magery page. What should I concentrate on for the next update? Some sort of graphics scheme? A map? I'm sure something will come to me soon.


Did some checking, ended up with this. For all of you mages wondering which spells take which reagents, that link is for you. Thanks to K'Pin for letting me borrow an electric eel and a poison gland while he fished. I've also moved blacksmithing to its own page, because I have the required resources for all of the weapons and armor that I can create with 50 skill.


That said, here's a list of what I know about creating objects, off the top of my head.Cost is in gold, at shop is to buy the item, the item will sell at the shop for half of it's cost.

Item Name Skill Required Resources Required Cost for Resources Cost at Shop
Robes Tailoring 2 rolls of cloth, dye optional 50 for cloth, 1-10 for dye 30
Boards (5) Woodworking 1 log Lumberjacking n/a
Shafts (20) Bowcraft/Fletching 1 board Woodworking 1/shaft
Arrows (20) Bowcraft/Fletching (5) 20 shafts, 20 feathers 40 80
Bolts (20) Bowcraft/Fletching (5) 20 shafts, 20 feathers 40 100
Club Woodworking 2 boards Woodworking 50
Pack of Nails Tinkering 1 ferrite Mining 4
Shirt/Pants Tailoring 1 roll of cloth, dye optional 25 for cloth, 1-10 for dye 10-15


More will obviously be added as I have time to try them out. Submissions welcomed, as I have no knowledge of alchemy and a few others I haven't tried yet. Credit will be given and all of that.

Plans for future updates (2/3): Separate tables for each skill.- Getting there!

A map of the town and possibly surroundings.- Probably one large cropped screenshot?

Maybe some hints on how to make money.-So far, the best way seems to be making shafts.

Maybe news about the game.

Maybe even some sort of site design! - Expect little icons and such in the tables soon? Most likely frames to keep track of all the pages I plan to have.